Physical therapy

We get results in helping you pain free or reach your health and fitness goals.  We provide a holistic approach and offer unrushed treatments.  We hope you enjoy the virtual tour and look forward to seeing you in person soon. Note that our services are not confined to rehabilitation therapy, but also include prevention, health promotion, and personal fitness.

We will be pleased to welcome you to our comprehensive support program.

Pilates Classes/Fitness/weight loss/ improved lifestyle

Pilates Classes, One on one Pilates, Personal training and Rehabilitation exercise is offered as well as personal training and advice for weight loss and general wellbeing with highly qualified an experienced instructors.


Sports Therapy

Your therapy will build on an individual, personalized solution best suited to promote your health and well-being. We work holistically to help prevent and injury, recover from an injury and get you back to your sport as soon as possible.  we  see it as our duty to ensure that our highly-qualified team receives regular further training to keep abreast of the latest treatment methods.

Back Problems

In the UK, back disorders are now considered the number one public health problem. Back pains of any kind noticeably curtail your everyday activities, both at work and at leisure.

Massages have proved to be highly effective in the prevention of back and joint pains alike. We offer a range of massage therapy techniques designed to help you lead a more relaxed life.

Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Elbow or Ankle pain

We treat inuries like neck pain, Frozen shoulder, Runner's Knee, Tennis elbow, ankle or hip pain.  


BSc (hons) in Sports Therapy.  Over 10 years of experience in all areas of physical therapy including working as a team with Chiropractors and physiotherapists.  Treating general public as well as famous sports teams, racing drivers and an olympic champion. We have an ever-growing number of satisfied clients.

Personal Training/Weight Loss

Exercise rehabilitation to prevent or recover from injuries. We can adapt exercises to your limitations.  Weight loss advice and training.

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